Cis interaction between sialylated FcγRIIA and the αI-domain of Mac-1 limits antibody-mediated neutrophil recruitment.

Author: Gurpanna Saggu

Date: 11/29/2018

Journal:Nature communications


DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-07506-1



Vascular-deposited IgG immune complexes promote neutrophil recruitment, but how this process is regulated is still unclear. Here we show that the CD18 integrin Mac-1, in its bent state, interacts with the IgG receptor FcγRIIA in cis to reduce the affinity of FcγRIIA for IgG and inhibit FcγRIIA-mediated neutrophil recruitment under flow. The Mac-1 rs1143679 lupus-risk variant reverses Mac-1 inhibition of FcγRIIA, as does a Mac-1 ligand and a mutation in Mac-1's ligand binding αI-domain. Sialylated complex glycans on FcγRIIA interact with the αI-domain via divalent cations, and this interaction is required for FcγRIIA inhibition by Mac-1. Human neutrophils deficient in CD18 integrins exhibit augmented FcγRIIA-dependent recruitment to IgG-coated endothelium. In mice, CD18 integrins on neutrophils dampen IgG-mediated neutrophil accumulation in the kidney. In summary, cis interaction between sialylated FcγRIIA and the αI-domain of Mac-1 alters the threshold for IgG-mediated neutrophil recruitment. A disruption of this interaction may increase neutrophil influx in autoimmune diseases.