Muaz Rushdi

Position: Graduate Student


GAANN Fellow in Molecular Biophysics, 2014-2015

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2015-2018


B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2012, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities


Most endotypes of asthma involve hyperactivity of T-cells. However, many of the steps in T-cell signaling in the context of asthma is still unclear. My interests lie in studying such dysregulation of T-cell signaling from the surface-receptor stage through the intracellular-signaling-cascade stages using biophysical tools such as our micropipette-based assays, microfluidic devices, and biosensors.


Ge, Xiao Na, Sung Gil Ha, Amrita Rao, Yana G. Greenberg, Muaz Nik Rushdi, Jeffrey D. Esko, Savita P. Rao, and P. Sriramarao. "Endothelial and leukocyte heparan sulfates regulate the development of allergen-induced airway remodeling in a mouse model." Glycobiology 24, no. 8 (2014): 715-727.