Dr. Peiwen Cong


Position: Post-doctorate


B.S. Bioinformatics 2008, National University of Singapore, Singapore

N.A. Chemical Engineering 2010, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Biophysics/Bioinformatics 2015, National University of Singapore, Singapore


I am interested and specialized in studying how external factors, such as forces, constraints, and binding-interactions, modify the microstates of flexible macromolecules, hence influence, enhance, or switch on-off their bio-functions. Through joining the stimulating and well-established scientific environment of Prof. Cheng Zhu' lab at Georgia Tech, I plan to transit my in vitro and in silico skills in mechanobiology into constructive components towards insightful and quantitative comprehensions about T-cell recognition. The goal is to extend traditional static structural views with dynamic and mechanistic understandings about mechanosensing via immunoreceptors, in turn identifying biophysical characteristics to operate towards designated immune activation through reverse-engineering.


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