Dr. Hyun-Jung Lee


Position: Laboratory Alumni


My research interests lie in cell and molecular biomechanics, particularly the role of mechanotransduction in cell adhesion and motility. Integrin-mediated adhesion complexes and the actin cytoskeleton are primary force-bearing/transmitting structures. Force plays a crucial role in regulating the multi-molecular structures, however biophysical mechanisms underlying force regulation still need to be elucidated. I am investigating biomechanics of actin cytoskeleton dynamics and integrin-mediated adhesion complexes at the single-molecule level using force spectroscopies, AFM (atomic force microscopy) and BFP (biomembrane force probe), or DNA-based molecular force probe: 1) characterize actin depolymerization/polymerization kinetics under dynamic tensile forces, and 2) investigate force regulation of actin binding proteins (formin, cofilin) and integrin-adaptor proteins (integrin, talin, vinculin).