Jeffrey Butler

Position: Laboratory Alumni


I am a 4th year Dual Degree Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering Major at Morehouse College. I'm from Fort Washington, Maryland. I like traveling, reading, and fashion. Also, I want to concentrate on Thermodynamics, Oil and Gas, and Jet Propulsion.


Morehouse College - BS in Applied Physics - In Progress


Atherosclerotic processes may begin during childhood. Clinical data suggests that the higher risk of CVD in T1DM patients is at least partially due to platelets. I will use a microfluidic device that mimics stenosis of the artery to see differences between T1DM vs. healthy control samples from children when the samples are subjected to mechanical disturbance. Which can be potentially used as a screening device for thrombosis risks. Finally I will examine the effect of various platelet molecule inhibitors on disturbed flow-driven thrombosis and whether certain novel inhibitors can reduce the exaggerated clotting ability of diabetic platelets.