Dr. Fangyuan Zhou


Position: Post-doctorate


B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2012, Zhejiang University, China


I am interested in microfluidics based blood cell study. Current projects involve T cells sorting and platelets characterization Cell separation techniques have been developed in many ways, but there lacks a way to efficiently sort certain specific T cells (especially CD4+ T cells) with a small blood sample. Especially in clinic tumor immunotherapy, peptides are unknown and may vary among people. I want to capture specific T cells targeting tumor cell membrane proteins with microfluidics. Platelets are well known to be cellular mediator of thrombosis, but also involved in many diseases, even cancer cell metastasis. I want to look into the triggering of cancer cell and platelet interaction and signaling. This project involves: 1) develop a microfluidic plateform to be able to characterize platelet triggering sequence and activation state; 2) study the signaling pathway of platelet when activated by tumor cells


J. Lining, Y. Chen, F. Zhou, H. Lu, M. A. Cruz, and Zhu C., 2015, "Von Willebrand factor-A1 domain binds platelet glycoprotein IbĪ± in multiple states with distinctive force-dependent dissociation kinetics ", Thrombosis Research DOI: 10.1016/j.thromres.2015.06.019